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Charging station Bluetti PowerOak EB55 150000mAh

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The PowerOak Bluetti EB55 is a portable power system with a compact and lightweight design, ideal for camping, hiking or as an emergency power source during natural disasters.

With a capacity of 537Wh and a built-in 700W inverter (1400W starting power). The PowerOak Bluetti EB55 has four charging methods: AC Charging, Solar Charging, Vehicle Charging and Generator Charging, and you can also power your devices while charging.

Solar charging is available in the voltage range from 12 to 28V, 8A and power up to 200W. The built-in MPPT circuit ensures efficient charging when solar power is unstable. The included car charging cable allows you to charge the system while driving.

AC charging and photovoltaic charging or AC charging and vehicle charging provides fast charging, which can greatly reduce the charging time.

  • 0.7 kW - power (nominal).
  • 1.4 kW - temporary overload (starting) capacity.
  • 2500 cycles - battery life (at 80% discharge).
  • 537 Wh - lithium battery capacity.
  • 200 W - the maximum power of the connected solar panel.
  • Possibility of hybrid charging (solar + generator, solar + grid).

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Model PowerOak EB55

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