The warranty implies: Service, Sending the device to the official SC of the manufacturer, at the expense of the seller. For a period of 21-31 business days. (*If the device is for the American and European markets, for devices in the Asian market, the terms are individual) For the entire period of warranty service, the seller does not provide a replacement device.

New technology  

The entire range of new equipment presented in the iCenter store is provided with an official manufacturer's warranty.  

Optional iCenter   provides a one-month warranty on new equipment from the store, which is included with the purchase. You can also   purchase an extended 12 month warranty.

Used equipment warranty:

The warranty implies a free repair during the warranty period at iCenter service centers, or a replacement for a device similar in purpose (if repair is not possible).

1. The warranty is valid only if there is a Contractual warranty obligation.

2. The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules for its use and warranty service before starting the commissioning of the equipment. There are no returns/exchanges for used equipment.

The device cannot be accepted for warranty repair in the following cases:

- Loss of the warranty card, the presence of entries or corrections in it made by a non-Seller;

- mismatch of serial numbers or imei specified in the warranty card;

— the presence of mechanical and other damage caused by intentional or careless actions of the buyer or third parties;

— unauthorized opening, repair or modification of internal communications and components;

- damage caused by negligent attitude or use (non-compliance with the temperature regime, exposure to liquid, dust, mechanical damage, foreign objects getting inside the case);

– accidental damage (defects caused by the customer);

- the safety of the warranty seals is broken;

- damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in voltage in the network;

internal damage to the loops (fracture of the loops) can only be due to mechanical damage and is not subject to warranty repair;

- Touch ID malfunction after use by the client;

— damage as a result of natural disasters (natural phenomena);

- malfunctions resulting from the use of non-original consumables;

- damage or abnormal functioning of the product caused by failures or non-compliance with the standards of the parameters of power, telecommunications, cable and other similar external factors;

- natural wear of elements in cases of exceeding the specified norms of normal operation, as well as body elements of portable products;

- damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes or in violation of the rules of operation;

- work of the product with unlicensed, uncertified or infected with a computer virus software products;

- if the product is incomplete, the attached documentation, drivers, connecting cables, fasteners and original packaging are missing, or the package is damaged

The product will be replaced if it cannot be repaired. The period of warranty repair can be from 3 to 30 business days, depending on the complexity of the repair and the availability of spare parts, excluding transportation time.